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This is what I’m using to move the laser along the Y axis.

They consist of a two 608Z skateboard bearings(ID: 5/16″ OD: 7/8″) from via, and three steel washers (ID: 5/16″ OD:3/4″) on a bolt(2 1/2″ X 1/4″). There will be two on each side to help keep everything from toppling over. There is also a quarter-inch nut on all of them. Between the nut and one of the washers there will be a piece of wood or aluminum, attached to which will be the X axis parts and the linear actuator on the bottom.


Beginning the Platten

The platten is the surface on which the material to be cut is placed. I screwed some 1″ aluminum angle to two sides.

Skateboard bearings on a bolt, separated by a washer will act like a wheel moving along the top edge of the aluminum.

This is what will allow the laser to move along the Y axis.

As promised…

Here are the Laser, driver and the power supply all hooked together and working. Due to an unexpected shortage of sleep and AA batteries, the images are few and of low quality.

This is kinda where that sleep issue comes in…

So I know it doesn’t look very impressive, but this is what mah lazor has done so far…

That circle sucked up a good twenty minutes of my time. Well-spent, I’d say.

This is on newsprint, by the way.