This project has legs.

As you can see, I’ve installed four 1/4″  X 4″bolts in the Platten to hold the structure up.

The bearings have been inserted into two 3/4″ pieces of birch about 8″ long. Between the two boards is a 2′ long piece of threaded rod, in the middle of which is another board with a bolt glued into it and another threaded rod. The black rubber tube on the end is for the shaft of the Y-axis stepper motor. The opposite end of that rod still needs to be fastened to the bottom of the platten to hold it up.

However, I am having some second thoughts on the design. As it is, it doesn’t seem to work very well when the Y-axis rod is in the middle. I’ll know more once I have it installed, but having the motor on the right or left side might work better.

The bearings don’t slide too easily. I can tell they might need some silicone, teflon, grease, or something.

In the next post I’ll show you my Y-axis motor bracket and possibly the synthesizer I just finished.

By the way, sorry about that sideways pic, but I don’t really feel like fixing it.


About teslasmoustache

I am an artist currently pursuing a degree in Fine Arts at a college in the Midwestern United States. My art is heavily influenced by technology and tech-culture. my (future) laser cutter is a work of art as well as a tool that will help me make more art in the future.

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