Replacement Parts

At the suggestion of some very helpful redditors, I just ordered a couple of new laser diodes. (one for back-up) This time it’s an IR diode. 808nm, 300mW. The blu-ray diode was (bless her heart) 405nm, 100mW. In other words, the new one will have three times the cutting power but I won’t be able to see it without a camera. I have a feeling safety is going to be an issue.

Also , the new diodes are insanely cheap!

I bought a new multimeter from Radio Shack for about $20. You’d expect them to have the courtesy to include batteries for twenty bucks, but they didn’t. They take AAAs too. I hate AAAs I have a ton of AAs and 9Vs. What’s the point anyway? Why should there be two different sizes for what is essentially the same thing? I believe the sole purpose of the difference between AA and AAA is to piss people off.

Anyway, once I find some AAAs around here, I’m sure the new multimeter will do fine.

Tomorrow, I need to look into a new current regulator. I’d do it right now, but it’s about 1:30am and I have class in the morning.


About teslasmoustache

I am an artist currently pursuing a degree in Fine Arts at a college in the Midwestern United States. My art is heavily influenced by technology and tech-culture. my (future) laser cutter is a work of art as well as a tool that will help me make more art in the future.

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