G-code Intepreter

I’ve spent the whole weekend trying to get a g-code interpreter loaded onto my Arduino. I’ve learned quite a bit.

Mainly, I’ve learned that there really is no g-code interpreter that works with an Arduino Diecimila (ATmega168). It seems to be due to a lack of memory.

I’m going to have to switch to an Arduino Uno (ATmega328p) or something better.

I plan on illustrating exactly how to install a g-code interpreter on an Arduino so that other n00bs with similar projects don’t have to do quite as much guess work as I did.

For the time being, I want to say with certainty that Grbl and Teacup DO NOT work on an ATmega168! People on the RepRap IRC channel have said it might be possible if one were to decrease the buffer size. I’m not sure how to do that and it hardly seems worth it if it’s going to slow down this low-power laser cutter even more. So why not get a new microcontroller?

EDIT: Open mouth, Insert foot. Apparently it is possible to fit the Teacup firmware onto an ATmega168. A friend of mine who knows a hell of a lot more about microcontrollers and programming than I do, edited out parameters in the config.h file that, in my case, are superfluous. such parameters as temperature sensors, extruder heaters, bed heaters, and PID controls. You can find my edited config.h file here.


About teslasmoustache

I am an artist currently pursuing a degree in Fine Arts at a college in the Midwestern United States. My art is heavily influenced by technology and tech-culture. my (future) laser cutter is a work of art as well as a tool that will help me make more art in the future.

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