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Pogo Plug LAMP Server

So I decided to finally do something with that Pogo Plug today. I got a USB to SATA converter for about $8 from Microcenter and got all my old files off of the hard drive from my old Macbook Pro. (more like ‘Scrap Book’ amiright?) Changed the filesystem from FAT32 (I always thought Apple used something else) to EXT3. I thought I was doing it wrong for a long time, but it turns out it’s because the pins on the converter were making a bad connection. So if you need a USB to SATA converter, don’t get the one made by Kingwin. (more like ‘King FAIL’ right? guys?)

So I basically just followed the instructions here: and here:

If you want to do this, the video is a little out of date. Basically what I got from that was how to get Apache, MySQL and PHP installed. They’re both good resources though.

There wasn’t a lot of thought or creativity that went into this one, but it’s my first server. How can I not feel like a badass?
Now I just have to figure out what to do with it.