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Inception [SSH]

For no particular reason, I decided to see if I could SSH from my lappy to my PogoPlug Arch machine to my Raspberry Pi. [I finally got the wifi dongle to work, btw. I don’t know if I posted about that already.]

And it worked! How useful is this? I have no idea. But it works.

ssh from lappy -> pogoplug -> raspberry pi

ssh from lappy -> pogoplug -> raspberry pi


running test

I’m currently running the test.stl code connected to the machine. Everything seems to be wired correctly, but my motors are making that sick and dying sound – which probably means they are *not* wired correctly.

I really need to clean this thing up.

Book Scanner

I finally found my old digital camera, which I was using to build my book scanner. Unfortunately, it seems that it has trouble holding a charge. I might have to get a couple of LiPo AA batteries, which will not be cheap.

I tried my other camera, which I use to shoot video. Apparently still shots are pretty low-res. So that’s not going to work. Oh scanner








As you can see, it’s just a piece of acrylic with four holes drilled though it. Two nuts on both sides hold a 24″ threaded rod secure at each corner. The threaded rod is bent about 1″ in at about a 15 degree angle (I think) and covered with clear vinyl tubing to protect the acrylic when it’s taken apart and carried in a bag. The other end of the threaded rods are fastened to two ‘L’ brackets which are screwed into a piece of wood.

The camera (you can see it sitting on top of the tool box) would be fastened on with a nut and bolt.

The whole assembly is poised to scan a copy of ‘Little Brother’ by Cory Doctorow. (

Arduino: UPDATE

The Firmware seems to work fine. I haven’t hooked up the Arduino to the cutter yet, but I ran the test.stl file that comes with Pronterface and it ran with no weirdness to speak of.

I think I will have to make 3D models in order for anything to work. Pronterface seems to pitch a fit if it sees something unusual.


If anyone is still curious, I’m getting ready to start working on the cutter again. School has been a pain in the neck, but it looks like I’ll have a little bit of free time now.

I ordered an ATmega328P to see if I could get it to work in my Arduino Diecemilla board. No such luck. But I picked up a reasonably-priced Arduino Uno from the local Micro Center and have uploaded the Teacup firmware to it. Now I just have to hook everything up to the new board and get started on the mechanical issues.

The Y-axis linear actuator might be a bad idea. At the very least, the motor mount needs to be replaced with something that doesn’t have nearly as much play.